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Faith Engen Ellis, Kettlebell Coach, founder of FEE Fitness based out of Gibsonville, NC.

Become a part of the FEE Community and enjoy all things fitness, learn about kettlebells, shop gear, and activewear, and join a supportive and fun-loving group of folks!

On-Demand Classes

Whether you are brand new to kettlebells or have been training for years, take a peek at my on-demand classes available through Domumgym and work out with me anytime!

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About Faith Engen Ellis

Faith Engen Ellis is a Kettlebell Coach based out of Gibsonville, North Carolina.

In 2015, Faith started her own fitness journey and fell in love with not only the physical changes but the mental too. She went on to obtain her Personal Training Certification through ACE and also holds a BA in Communications and MS in Higher Education.

In 2017, Faith discovered kettlebells. Weight training became boring, but cardio alone was losing her curves! Kettlebells posed a new challenge combining strength and endurance for total body sculpting and fat loss. Throughout the years she has been learning and experimenting and now aims to share her knowledge with others through online classes and local pop-ups!



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FEE Fitness

Founded in 2021 by Faith Engen Ellis, FEE Fitness is a fitness community centered around kettlebells and fun and based out of Gibsonville, NC.

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