Going Beyond the “Weight Loss” Movement | Healthy Living Motivation

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Going Beyond the "Weight Loss" Movement | Healthy Living Motivation

Why is it all about “how I lost fat” or “how to lose weight”? Why has it geared so far towards being and looking a certain way, that we derived away from the why and the real reason of eating better, being active, and striving for emotional and mental wellness? It’s time we look beyond the “weight loss” movement and set our sights on something bigger.

The Problem with the “Weight Loss” Movement


There’s nothing wrong with weight loss, if that’s your goal. Granted, much of the American culture could probably benefit from losing some unhealthy fat. However, if your reasoning for weight loss solely surrounds looking like someone else or looking how society depicts we should look, it won’t be fun and chances are it won’t last because that extrinsic motivation is unsustainable.

The movement has uncontrollably spiraled into something that has caused many of us to lose sight of the real thing we should strive for: Health. And by health I mean mental, emotional, physical health that comes from moving your body and feeding it nutrients to maintain it functioning properly and efficiently. If that remained the focus, the body, the clear skin, and shiny hair, those things would come. Depression would be a little more controlled.

How to Change the “Weight Loss” Movement into the “Healthy Living” Movement

Going Beyond the "Weight Loss" Movement | Healthy Living Motivation

To change the movement, you have to change your mindset and completely forget everything you’ve “learned”. One of simplest, but hardest ways for many, is to absolutely delete social media. Stay off of it! It’s toxic. The fitness and weight loss industry have consumed and bombarded any type of social media with dangerous, unhealthy, and even downright false, information and products. There is no quick fix, there is no easy fix. If something is easy or quick, I guarantee it will not be sustainable. Be careful, even when you think you’re okay, one day you may be like I was and wake up and realize you have Binge Eating Disorder or some other type of eating disorder. The number of women and men with Body Dysmorphia, yes it’s real, is insane. It all stems from the toxicity passing before your eyes every single day but only YOU can stop it.

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2 thoughts on “Going Beyond the “Weight Loss” Movement | Healthy Living Motivation

  1. Hell yeah. We’ve become so engrossed in quick fixes that people are paying huge money just to save time on reaching their fitness goals, only to realise that it would’ve taken them less time if they would just work on their lifestyle instead. Great post here. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi, Stuart! You’re right, A part of our culture too I believe as we have everything else so fast and are all about convenience. They just need to focus on consistency versus time.


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