Domumgym: YouTube for Fitness with Free and Premium Workouts

As many of you know by now, I have a YouTube channel and an App dedicated to fitness, health, nutrition, all of that! The whole shebang of wellness. I am small though, I get lost in the mix of “celebrity trainers” and “fitness influencers” who either already have 1) a lot of money or 2)…

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8 Things Women in Their 30s are Too Damn Old For

I was having a conversation with a guy in his mid-30s and he said he was picky. He had a “whole checklist for what he was looking for” in a long term partner. I asked him, “I’m curious what some of these are, are we talking no extra toes or are we talking life-long values?”…

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Hi, I’m Faith, a Fitness Expert, Motivator, Entrepreneur, and Social Media Guru. I was born and raised (and still reside) in the gorgeous state of North Carolina and love experiencing our mountains, sense of community, and wine. Thanks for visiting!

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